Team Building for Business Groups, Middle School Outings & Collegiate Teams

All team building events are booked by calling 740.777.2579.  Large events are planned well in advance.

Your next team building event can be a unique adventure that everyone will remember.  interactive experiential learning exercises we emphasize perspective along with new ways of understanding and communicating with group members.

We’re adventure guides, naturalists, artists and team building experts. With a statewide network of professionals we offer a huge variety of outdoor recreation and experiential learning activities for groups of all kinds. Each event is designed and customized to meet your objectives.   We'll understand your group dynamics, develop a plan that meets your needs with regards to logistics and budget and deliver an outstanding stand alone activity or combination of events.

Individual activities can be paired with a second trek or combined into multi-activity events because, not everyone in the group will want to go rappelling or rock climbing.  By offering a combination of events group members are able to find their fun as they move from activity to activity.  We often set it a team building event as a sequence of activities unknown to the participants.  An example could look like; The morning starts with an introduction to archery.  It's a fun, friendly form of light activity to get things going.  The best archers turn out to be the least expected.  We head into the forest as a group, led by professional naturalists who share knowledge on edibles, geology, biology and wildlife.  Upon arriving at a beautiful natural amphitheatre in the woods we find box lunches and guides who've set up everything needed for rock climbing, rappelling and an artist led group painting event. 

Everyone in the group is invited to do what they'd like and add at least a few strokes to the painting because it's going back to the office to hang on the wall for all to see.  The guides provide instruction and everything else needed.  The type A's jump right in to rock climbing and rappelling.  After a bit, others who weren't so sure get up the nerve to give it a try.  Those are the folks who surprise everyone else as they achieve something unexpected when their day started. 

Just as everyone's having a great time enjoying the moment the sound of a banjo is heard in the distance.  Ears perk up and eyes wander the woods as we wonder what's happening.  A live bluegrass ensemble enters from just around the corner.  Turns out one of the pickers can also call a square dance which gets everyone moving.  The day wraps up and we head down the hill.  The forest returns to its natural state as evening comes, the team has headed off to its next challenge, memories made, relationships changed and the wildlife of the forest returns to their favorite set of cliffs in a never ending circle of life.

From small groups of ten to larger groups of thirty, sixty or one hundred, TrekNetwork has the experience and leadership to put together your next team building event.  We're mobile and ready.  Let's get started planning your event.  Give us a call at 740.777.2579 and we'll provide a proposal