We provide fun and educational archery instruction for all levels!  Whether you just want to give it a try or would like to hone your skills our guides are ready to make it happen.  

Our lead instructors are certified through USA archery to insure that your experience and top tier.  

All equipment is provided and suitable for all ages from youth to elderly. Our expert guides can provide you with feedback to have you shooting better than you've ever shot before!

Groups of up to 10 welcome and accommodations can be made for larger groups with advanced notice. Call (740)777-2579 for details.

Field range

If you are still learning the basics then the field range is the perfect place.  It affords an easy location to focus on the steps to making a good shot, from stance to follow through and everything in between.  We usually start out first timers on large square targets that leave plenty of room for those first arrows that stray from the bullseye.  We also have the option to set up 3D targets for the intermediate bowman or hunter enthusiast to try.

Forest range

For those who feel pretty good about their basic understanding of shooting, we can take you on a forest trail with 3D targets set up in natural scenery.  This option allows for a more "in touch with your ancestors" feel, does does require some hiking and do to the location of the targets, a higher level of fundamental skills is required so we don't lose arrows.


$120 for up to 3 people and an additional $35 for each additional person.  

Don't forget that archery is a great activity to add on to one of our other events for a full day of fun!‚Äč

Archery Events