Hocking Hills Adventure Trek Reviews

Book your Hocking Hills Intro to Rappelling or Intro Rock Climbing and get 3 for the price of 2 or, 4 for the price of 3

At TrekNetwork, our mission is to help visitors get off the beaten path and discover the hidden trails and living forest of the region.  We provide interpretive trekking services lead by expert guides that know the trails and the biology, geology, wildlife and history of the land.  Our goal is to help educate visitors regarding the need to provide continued support for this public resource while also helping them learn about their natural surroundings.  

Along the way, we're developing employment opportunities for passionate individuals that seek to spend a portion of their lives learning and sharing their knowledge of Ohio's diverse natural beauty with others.  We'll help you and your group discover the living forest and its evolving landscape.  Join us on a Hocking Hills Adventure Trek, disconnect, learn about our neck of the woods and find your peace of mind.

Private, guided treks for couples, families, non profits, school groups and corporate events include:

*  Rock climbing for couples and groups.  Learn to climb real rocks in Ohio with an expert guide in the Hocking State Forest

Rappelling treks for couples and groups daily, year-round.  Learn to rappel real rocks in ohio with an expert guide in the Hocking State Forest

*  Book Silver Wolf, a Shawnee storytelling presentation for public and private events, year-round, anywhere in Ohio

*  Book Abraham Lincoln, Johnny Appleseed or Mark Twain at your school or for outside social events

*  Have a naturalist or storyteller come to you

*  Book an Ohio belly boat fishing treks ~  year-round, guided belly boat treks at Rose Lake in the Hocking Hills and across Ohio

‚Äč*  Gift Certificates are available in any denomination

We are the go-to source for professional guide services in Ohio.  With our roots are in the Hocking Hills but we've grown quickly and now offer year-round, on-demand services across the state. Our Guides are professionals with a passion for the outdoors. They travel the state delivering outdoor programming to anyone, anywhere in Ohio.   Within the Hocking Hills region, there are several areas of public land.  State Park offers easy access with trails and locations that are well known like Old Man's Cave.  State park land is actually the smallest public land area terms of acreage.   In addition, there are over 10,000 acres of Hocking State Forest and numerous State Nature Preserves, right next door.  Our approach to help visitors get off the beaten path, explore the hidden gems and experience the geology, biology and wildlife of our national treasure with professional guides. 

Millions of years of nature are alive and evolving in the Hocking Hills and most visitors only see a few of the most popular sites.  Yet, there are thousands of amazing things to see if you know how to find them.  Have you ever heard of Sheick Hollow, Little Rocky Hollow or the Salt Petre Caves?  How about Chapel Cave, Airplane Rock or Table Rock?  That's ok.  Trying to find them on your own may get you pretty lost and you're likely to walk right past many incredible sites.  Ohio tax payers have invested millions of dollars in thousands of acres of state forest, park and nature preserve lands in Southeastern Ohio.  The excellent staff of Ohio's Department of Natural Resources, park, nature preserve and forest system have done a fantastic job of managing these resources. There are over 100 miles of hiking trails in the Hocking Hills.  These trails crisscross state forest, park and nature preserve lands.  Depending on the area, the rules and regulations vary for each area.  Several of these areas require permits.  We carry the permits needed and make it easy for our visitors to show up, explore and learn about our very unique surroundings.

Our treks are offered year-round as private events.  They vary in distance, duration, subject matter and price. Short treks lasting two hours or less cover a few acres and focus on interpreting everything we find along the way including many edibles.  Longer treks cover several miles and reach hard to find state forest and nature preserve caves and waterfalls.  Point to point treks like our Grandma Gatewood trek go from Ash Cave to Old Man's cave cover about six miles of and are ideal for folks that just want to cover some miles and enjoy several landmark stops along the way. Some one-way treks incorporate transportation to the starting point as you trek with a guide back to your car. Special event treks including birding, butterflies, edible forest and acoustical music are also available, just ask!

In a nutshell, we offer easy access to nature that never looks the same twice. Reservations are required. Our guides are professional naturalists who are laid back, friendly and passionate about nature. They know the biology, geology, wildlife and history of the land along with the trails and how to find the hidden sites of the Hocking Hills. They also know how to find the most peaceful and quiet places in the forest even on the busiest days of the year.  We work hard to foster enthusiasm for nature and make an educational experience infectious. Hocking Hills Adventure Treks are fun, relaxed, interactive, educational and offered year-round. It's always a great time to be in the woods and our treks are ideal for individuals, couples, families, groups and corporate outings. Destinations and scenery vary constantly based on location, season and subject matter. Trek with us and you'll find it mentally and physically exhilarating.  Call 740.777.2579 today for more information or to make a reservation!

You don't have to come to us, we'll come to you! Learn about our on-demand nature programs here.

Hocking Hills Adventure Trek is a TrekNetwork company.   As a guide service, we meet customers at various locations based on what we're doing that day.  In the Hocking Hills region we frequently meet at the Rock Climbing and Rappelling area parking lot on Big Pine Rd. or at the Fishing Parking area on SR 374.  Meeting points are determined when reservations are made.  We are Ohio's premier guide service and team building events company.  Our local guides lead urban and outbound adventures and team building events across Ohio.  Rock climb, rappel, belly boat fish, trek with a naturalist or relive history with our professional guides.  Like the rest of our customers you'll ask, "Am I still in Ohio?"  Our professionally guided adventures also include artistic events like group portrait painting, interactive magic and live acoustic music.   Our team building programs offer businesses and groups a huge array of options including stand alone business communication seminars that can be paired with adventure and artistic activities year-round at any location. 

Our business skills seminars are professionally facilitated two-way communication skills programs appropriate for any level of an organization.  Presented as two-way communication seminars, they're ideal team building events that are customized to meet specific business objectives.  They offer an ideal way to pair fun and learning as an on site or off site activity.

All of our services are offered as on-demand private events that are booked in advance.  We work with individuals, groups and meeting planners to provide year-round adventures and group activities in the city, on campus, at a metro park, state forest, state park or any private location whether it's in the Hocking Hills or across Ohio.

"Our guide Andy was fantastic! So knowledgeable and thorough.  We loved him!  It was a great experience"  ~ Chrissy Tackett

I just wanted to let you know that our next trip down to Hocking Hills we will be looking you guys up again for another adventure! We absolutely loved the mix of rappelling and nature hike with Justin and definitely encourage mixing the two. Thanks again for making our honeymoon one of a kind! - Alison and Dan Goble"

 Wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with Andy and Greg. They were both extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, patient. The kids just loved it and we enjoyed being a part of it! - Steve Fox

"We had a blast! Your guides were incredible! Thanks." - Michele  Colone


"We had a great time! Justin and Bobby were awesome guides - very knowledgeable, fun, and were always focused in our safety! We would recommend this to our friends, we really had an amazing day! Thanks again!" - Debbie Weisman


"Thanks again for the personal attention and a great day out there." - Doug Campbell

I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had. Andy was an excellent guide and made us feel at ease. We will definitely be back someday.  Tell Andy his initial ID on the oak trees was right. Chestnut Oak. I had asked if they were Chinkapin because of the leaves, which are almost identical. Upon further comparison the size of the acorns was more indicative of Chestnut.  I appreciated his thoughtful consideration. Thanks again! - Shelley Tender

"I took my 12 yr old son and 13 yr old daughter for the beginner rock climbing. It was challenging, fun and dollar for dollar, far better value than frustrating amusement parks where parking, fast passes and lines don't offer the same sense of accomplishment. For me, outdoor adventures like this will replace amusement parks in the future." ~ Russell Cotter

"Thank  you, it was pure awesomeness. Justin was a great guide and extremely knowledgeable on rappelling and nature, will definitely be telling all my friends and family. This is hands down one of the funniest  things  to do." ~ Jason Link

"The boys enjoyed the rock climbing.  It was great, Andy was fantastic as a nature guide and climbing instructor.  We would recommend this to anyone visiting the area." ~ Greg Nowak

"The trek was better than any we have taken. The naturalist was fabulous. The small group made it great." - Michael Marek

"Thanks for a wonderful day... We will definitely be back and will be sure to tell our friends! Thanks again!" - Kim, T.J. and Kelley


"We saw the most amazing sights." - Kate Howley


"We had a great time and climbed HARD." - David Foster

"Thank you for providing a great hiking experience. The guide really tailored this hike to meet all my needs and expectations. I was impressed with Justin's knowledge of the Hocking State Forest, my favorite natural area. He gave a terrific suggestion about hiking trails that rock climbers use to see impressive rock formations. I can't wait to take a spring trek to enjoy the wildflowers... -" Gerda Miller

Local guides leading urban and outbound adventures and team building events