Ohio Belly Boat Fishing

Cancelation Policy:
All reservations are considered firm bookings.  We don't cancel or reschedule based on a weather forecast.  Customer cancellations greater than 14 days in advance will be charged a 20% booking fee.  Customer cancellations between 14 days and 72 hours prior to the originally scheduled event time will be charged a 50% booking fee.   Customers cancelling within 72 hours of the reservation time will be charged 100% of original cost

What others are saying...

“ I love fishing unfished waters without a bunch of houses and jet skis nearby and this is an ideal platform to share your passion for fishing with someone special…  One of the reasons why we go is to experience different places and when you go somewhere different, you need a guide.” – Lee Woldenberg, customer

“If I wanted to try to catch a trophy large mouth bass in Ohio, and if I had to do it from public waters, I’d choose to fish the AEP ReCreation lands in the southeast section of The Buckeye State” – Chip Gross, “Country Living Magazine”

“So you think you’ve been bass fishing and pretty much done all that your part of the Midwest has to offer? You have been fishing, but you certainly have not experienced it all"   – Matt Markey, “The Toledo Blade”

Ohio Belly Boat Fishing Treks

Let our expert guides take you to one of Ohio's hidden honey holes. Our belly boat fishing treks are an awesome way to fish remote lakes and ponds in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio.  Areas including the AEP ReCreation Lands, Woodbury WIldlife Area, Trii-Valley Recreation Lands, Rose Lake at Old Man's Cave state park and Lake Hope include over 400 lakes spread across 100,000 acres of public access wilderness area. 

  • Available year-round  7days a week
  • Start times vary throughout the seasons
  • Summer belly boat fishing treks can start at 5:30 am
  • Booking well in advance will help ensure the date you'd like!  

>> 1/2 day Belly Boat Fishing Trek (am or pm)

~ $195- for one adult (single person price)

- $150 for kids age 17 and under accompanied by an adult

~  Group sizes of up to 4 participants

~  Half day is 4  hours of trek and fishing time.


*  Age 16 and older need to bring an Ohio fishing license. 
*  Purchase a fishing license online on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website or visit any Walmart.

CALL 740.777.2579 to make reservations today!

We provide the guide, belly boat, fins, rods, reels, tackle, hands on assistance and instruction throughout the day.  Bring your own chest waders, rod(s) and tackle if you have them or you can borrow ours if you let us know in advance.  We meet at predetermined locations and trek to the designated pond or lake of the day. 

Ohio belly boat fishing options include:

1) Ohio's  AEP Recreation Lands (60,000 acres in Muskingum, Noble, Guernsey & Morgan counties), Woodbury Wildlife Area (19,000 acres in Coshocton county) and Tri Valley Recreation Lands (15,000 acres in Muskingum and Coshocton county) combine to host hundreds of small lakes and ponds ideal for a belly boat fishing trek.  Built on land once strip mined for its rich coal deposits, each area consists of large sections of wilderness in eastern Ohio.  Most of these waters are untouched because of steep banks, thick overgrown shore lines and remote location.  The AEP ReCreation lands represent the largest of the three areas but each has waters holding huge numbers of trophy large mouth bass along with fantastic crappie and bluegill fishing.  It takes a lifetime to learn where the hot spots are, how to fish them and when to be there.  We'll plan a fishing trek that meets your objectives.  Whether it's a short trek or a something a little more adventurous, we know the ponds and lakes across the region and where to head for monster bass, bluegill and crappie.


2) Rose Lake near Old Man's Cave state park in the Hocking Hills. Looking for an unforgettable Hocking Hills fishing experience?  How about a guided belly boat fishing trek in Hocking Hills State Park? We'll meet at the designated fishing parking area for Rose Lake on SR 374, put a belly boat on like a back pack (about 10lbs) and hike a short distance to Rose Lake. From there we'll launch into belly boat fishing one of the hidden gems in the Hocking Hills.

Our Cumberland belly boats are the best belly boats made.  Everyone who fishes in them says, "they thought of everything when they made this".  These belly boats include 4 separate flotation devices:  2 pontoons, your 6" thick boat cushion seat and your adjustable boat cushion seat back. Back pack straps, zippable gear pockets, lap net and carry all pocket make it an ideal rig to fix up what you need for the day and trek off to a hidden fishing hole.  The drink holders are even insulated!  Whether you like to bait cast or fly cast, our guided Ohio belly boat fishing treks offer an unparalleled way to spend a day fishing with friends, family or small group. 

Nohing on earth is like fishing from a belly boat and we're the only guide service in Ohio offering this amazing way to hook up with nature!  Call us at 740.777.2579 or page down for complete details on where we go, what we provide, what to bring, pricing and information on how to make bookings.

Welcome to Hocking Hills Adventure Trek     We're a Trek Network company offering professionally guided rock climbing and rappelling, belly boat fishing, archery, naturalist led edible forest hikes, artist led activities and team building events in the Hocking Hills and across Ohio.  Founded in 2011, our guides are far and away the most experienced in the business.  Explore the Hocking State Forest with us and you'll discover hidden caves and waterfalls that you're free to return to forever!  Our lead rock climbing  and rappelling guides are certified American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructors (SPIs).

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