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John Cooper as Abe Lincoln

See him as America's favorite president:

Residing in Baltimore, Ohio, Mr. Cooper portrays Abraham Lincoln at public and private events all over Ohio. He's a father of four and retired after 32 years at the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC). He began portraying the late president about 25 years ago while his children were in elementary school. A co-worker at DSCC constantly maintained that he reminded her of Abraham Lincoln due to his tall stature and Lincoln-styled beard. He discovered an old Lincoln-styled coat in his mother's attic, acquired a stovepipe hat, and began impersonating around President's Day at local schools.

A self-avowed history nut, John considers Lincoln his favorite president and the greatest in U.S. history. He says the toughest part of portraying a dead historical figure is remaining in character and time period when many audience questions refer to matters that cannot be discussed without references to events and facts that were not known until after Lincoln's assassination. To book John Cooper for your next group event, call 740-777-2579.