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$95 for the first 2 people, $30 per additional person*

This is a great activity for couples, families and groups of all kinds.  Middle schoolers, high schoolers, collegiate groups and business groups frequently incorporate this trek into their team building event.  Walk up and shoot a bow and arrow with a professional instructor.  All equipment and instruction are provided. Learn the basics of archery in this fun beginners' class. Our expert instructors set up at an existing public archery range like the one near Old Man's Cave in the Hocking HIlls or we can also set up on private property indoors or outdoors.  We can even set up a temporary range in a conference room!   Our guides hold certifications from U.S. Archery, a national organization dedicated to expanding fun, friendly and competitive shooting programs.

  • Available year-round
  • All bows, arrows, targets and gear are included (note: no crossbows are permitted)
  • Participants are taught safety, stance, aim and shooting techniques
  • Archery is a friendly form of shooting competition with national bearing
  • Safety and shooting skills instruction are provided with friendly shooting experiences
  • Targets can include bullseye and 3D targets including a bear, coyote, deer, raccoon and ZOMBIE
  • Junior and senior high schools, NCAA athletics and the U.S. Olympic team have archery programs
  • The event lasts about 90 minutes depending on group size and makeup
  • Private trek for just your group
  • Bow pull weight is adjustable for kids through grandparents
  • Groups larger than 8 participants are booked by calling 740.777.2579

The Genesis bows we use are adjustable so that adults of all stature, kids as young as 8 and grandparents are able to draw and shoot.   It's up to the guide on site to determine who is qualified to participate.  A parent or guardian must be present at all times and a TrekNetwork waiver must be signed for each participant.

Call 740.777.2579 with questions regarding private group events and other options.

* A flat fee of $95 covers the first two participants, meaning, the price is fixed at $95 whether it's 1 or 2 people.  Additional participants beyond two are $30 each.

Reservations are required and are booked in advance.  We meet customers at the location we'll be using that day.  We often use the Hocking Hills Archery Range located on SR 664 across from the entrance to Old Man's Cave.  We also offer mobile archery range services and will travel to meet groups at private locations in the Hocking Hills and elsewhere.  In Columbus we often use the Scioto Grove Metro Park archery range.  


If your intro to archery event is in the Hocking Hills, unless it's communicated differently it will be at the Hocking Hills Archery Range. Please note:  mobile phone coverage and GPS systems are unreliable or unavailable throughout  the Hocking Hills region.  Pretend it's the 90's, leave early and allow for extra time.
A map showing the location of our event is included below and provided with your booking confirmation.  Additional information regarding what to bring and is also provided.  


  • Take US 33 to Logan and exit SR 664 South, turn right and go 12 miles to the Old Man's Cave Archery Range on the right. 
  • The archery range is about 300 yards before the Old Man's Cave State Park entrance on the opposite (North) side of the road.
  • Pull into the archery range parking area and meet your guide there.
  • There is no designated address for GPS purposes.
  • Use your odometer to measure the distances.
  • There are several 90 degree turns along SR 664 South with side roads and mid-turn offshoots.
  • Stay on the state route and avoid off shoots in the middle of 90 degree turns.
  • There are no restrooms or buildings at the meeting point.
  • If you call to say you're running late we may not receive your call in time or be able to get word to the guide.

Cancelation Policy:
All reservations are considered firm bookings.  We don't cancel or reschedule based on a weather forecast.  Customer cancellations greater than 14 days in advance will be charged a 20% booking fee.  Customer cancellations between 14 days and 72 hours prior to the originally scheduled event time will be charged a 50% booking fee.   Customers cancelling within 72 hours of the reservation time will be charged 100% of original cost.

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